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Z3X Box is a tool that allows the owner of a Samsung or LG phone to customize their device. With a Z3X Box, a user can repair options on a device that may be causing software difficulties, unfreeze a phone that is no longer responding phone or flashes it

Keep in mind that using a Z3X Box to significantly alter one's cellphone, may void the item's warranty. Always check with the terms of the warranty before using a Z3X Box, other devices, or programs on one's phone. 

Flashing a device with Z3X Box

Z3X Box development team advises the device before flashing it so follow those steps first. To flash the device, be sure to first download the necessary flash files online from the Z3X website. The precise files to use will depend on the model of device owned, so read the instructions carefully on the site.

Tether the device to the computer and run the Z3X Box shell. Under the section that says Flash Files, select the flash files that have been downloaded for the device. Then click Flash on the righthand side of the page to install these files onto the device.

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